Good morning love picture

Our series of good morning love picture are images with beautiful phrases especially illustrated and the favorites of all those in love who wish to greet with a message of love to declare to their beloved / or everything they feel in their heart, at each birth of a new day

Good morning love quotes

  • «When you smile at me, I fall in love more and more.»
    «Our souls will be united with love, until life closes the curtain»
    «You give me this feeling that surrounds me with happiness and love»
    «When your hand is in mine, I feel totally good because my future is you»
    «I love you more than you can love, and that is the reason I need you in me.»
    «Forever and forever until the end, I will love you»
    «I love you more than you will ever know»
    «I just wanted to say that I will never leave you, this love is immortal»
    We met by chance, but I discovered that I waited for you all my life
    My dreams have a last name and the color of your eyes
    Loving you is worth my life
    My addiction for you started the day you smiled at me

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